Monitor your Power Consumption with our Energy Meter

Measures power consumption including such parameters as current, voltage and power factor.


About WattLinq Inc.

WattLinq Inc. provides connectivity to energy devices that enables users to monitor, control and manage their electricity sources and electronic appliances. With our IoT Gateway, users do not need to have access to the internet before using our products as they can achieve that with other communication media such as NRF, ZigBee, Bluetooth among others.

Our platform allows for an automatic switching between Mains, Generator Sets and Inverter, and this can aid in the reduction of electricity costs for businesses and households. We also provide single and multi-port programming relays that allows for the remote switching of appliances in the home from anywhere in the world.

WattLinq’s Smart Meter monitors the consumption rate of electricity and facilitates in the identification and blocking of leakages in a system. The Meter can be deployed by households, factories and Electricity companies. The meter also provides a platform for the billing of customers and the remote recharge of bills by users who may not be physically present at home.


About WattLinq