Monitor your Power Consumption with our Energy Meter

Measures power consumption including such parameters as current, voltage and power factor.


Smart Meter

The Smart Meter is a device that monitors the energy parameters of a building. It measures the current, voltage, power and power factor of the energy source whether Mains, Generator or Inverter. It plugs into a customer’s power installation like a nervous system, monitoring and recording every vital signal.

The Smart Meter is unique in the sense that it sends the data remotely to the cloud from where it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Our Cloud based app is powered by Nodewire, an IoT framework that is developed by WattLinq Inc.. The dashboard of the app shows users the energy consumption of their appliances in real time and allows them to view past consumptions in the form of tables, charts and graphs.

The Smart Meter is useful for households, offices, industries, Electricity Companies among others.