Monitor your Power Consumption with our Energy Meter

Measures power consumption including such parameters as current, voltage and power factor.


Residential & Office

WattLinq management solution enables you to manage energy usage in an apartment or office building. Use our mobile app to remotely control or monitor your power sources such as generators, and set automatic functions to activate your equipment under preset conditions.

Residential Applications

Automatic Transfer Switch

Using our smart changeover switch SCO, your homes power supply is guaranteed 100% availability. The SCO monitors mains power supply and automatically switches on the generator when there is interruption. It also switches off the generator as soon as mains is restored. A phone-based interface is provided to enable the user configure his desired behaviour, e.g. whether the generator should automatically switch on when there is power loss or not.

Residential Applications

Generator plus Inverter Configuration

This configuration is meant for users who use both generators and inverters (and possibly solar). There are two components, a battery monitor which monitors the battery depth of discharge and the SCO already described above. The generator can be automatically switched on when the battery level is low and switched back-off when the battery is fully charged.

Residential Applications

Managing two generators based on load

This configuration uses a changeover switch and a meter. The meter measures the load and power can be switched between two generators of different capacities depending on the load. A pre-set threshold will be used to make decision about switching between the smaller and the bigger generator.

Residential Applications