Control and Monitor your Home Appliances with our Smart Home

Gives you the power to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world using a variety of remote control devices.


Smart Home

Smart-home combines the power of the microprocessor and modern communication methods to give you the power to control and monitor over your home(s) from anywhere in the world using a variety of remote control devices including but not limited to your smart-phone.

Our Smart-home architecture consists of three main building blocks: the Hub, the Node and the smart-home network. The Hub, also known as the command processor, is the smart-home gateway. It receives commands from different sources including the internet, SMS, local Wi-Fi, etc. and then routes it to the addressed node on the smart-home network.

The nodes represent endpoints in the smart-home. There are different types of nodes including the Controller node which is interfaced to the home’s distribution box to control various circuits from there. The IR-node stands for Infra-red Remote control node. It is used for controlling all infra-red controlled appliances such as TV sets, set-top boxes and sound systems, and air conditioners. Other node types include various sensors and actuators such as motion sensors, RFID readers, fingerprint readers, door locks, CCTV cameras, etc.

The Smart-Home network can be wired or wireless. The wired configuration uses a UART bus that also carries the power supply known as power bus. The wireless configuration is based on ZigBee.

Our special device, the Smart-Home Lite is designed for low-cost installations and combines the functions of the Hub and Controller Node, making the smart-home network unnecessary.